Corporation and Securities Law

A. Corporation code

I. Types of business organizations

II. De facto corporation

III. Corporation by estoppel

IV. Separate juridical personality

V. Piercing the veil of corporate fiction

VI. Rights and liabilities of a corporation

VII. Recovery of moral damages

VIII. Non-chartered goccs

IX. Nationality of corporations

X. Classification of shares

XI. Incorporation and organization of private corporations

XII. Board of directors/trustees/officers

XIII. Ultra vires acts

XIV. Doctrine of apparent authority

XV. Powers of corporation

XVI. Trust fund doctrine

XVII. By laws

XVIII. Meetings

XIX. Stocks and stockholders

XX. Merger and consolidation

XXI. Non-stock corporations

XXII. Special corporations

XXIII. Dissolution

XXIV. Close corporations

XXV. Foreign corporations

XXVI. Doctrine of “doing business” (in re: foreign investments act (R.A. No. 7042)

XXVII. Miscellaneous provisions

B. Securities and regulations code

I. State policy

II. Securities and exchange commission

III. Securities

IV. Tender offer

V. Prohibitions on fraud, manipulation and insider trading

VI. Proxy solicitations

VII. Civil liability