Implications for a Two-fold Justice

By Hellen Marie Joy Rubillos (SMA) The empirical note of everything is that fractions of nature, philosophies and behaviour harmoniously come together, piece by piece, to achieve a prospering whole. This whim poses as a [...]

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The True Governance for a Mindanaoan

By Ma. Whitney Claire Ceprado (ZNNHS) The society has been in chaos: crimes, terrorisms are constantly happening, and a peaceful country is nowhere to be found. Lives have been taken down, innocent and guilty, both [...]

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A Mindanaoan’s Cry for Federalism

By Richelle Mae Tabigne (ZNNHS) Blood, sweat, and tears. These are the sacrifices our past presidents made to ensure the stability, unity and harmony of the diverse culture that is our country, Philippines. [...]

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Salient features of the Revised Guidelines for Continuous Trial of Criminal Cases

By Jose Rene G. Dondoyano| May 24th, 2017 1. It applies to all newly-filed criminal cases, including those governed by Special Laws and Rules((R.A. 9165, Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, Rules of Procedure for [...]

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