Succession Law

I. When Succession Takes Place

II. Legitimes

A. Legitime defined – Art. 886

III. Right of adopted to inherit from biological parents / relatives

IV. Wills

A. Kinds of wills

B. Requirement of probate

1. Probate mandatory

2. Probate conclusive as to due execution or formal validit

3. Rules for probate of holographic will (Art. 811)

C. Substitutions – vulgar & fideicomisaria

V. Preterition

A. What is preterition?

B. Effect of preterition

C. When preterition can be determined

VI. Reserva Troncal

A. Requisites:

  • Chua v. CFI (G.R. No. L-29901, 31 August 1977, 78 SCRA 412)

B. Process

C. Parties

D. Nature

E. Property

F. Rights and Obligations

  • Sumaya v. IAC (G.R. No. 68843-44, 2 September 1991, 201 SCRA 178)

VII. Representation

A. Art. 992 v. Art. 902

B. Representation by and of an Adopted Child

VIII. Intestacy

A. Concurrence of surviving spouse & 1 legitimate child

B. Concurrence of spouse & brothers / sisters / nephews / nieces

C. Illegitimate brothers / sisters

D. Nephews/nieces exclude uncles/aunts

IX. Survivorship Agreement

X. Collation