Sales and Lease

I. Contract of sale

A. Sale as distinguished from other contracts

1. Contract for piece of work (Art. 1467)

2. Agency to Sell (Art. 1466)

B. Contract to sell as distinguished from contract of sale (Art. 1466)

II. Object of sale (Art. 1306)

A. Subject matter must be determinate (Art. 1460)

B. Sale of undivided interest (Art. 1463)

C. Sale of things subject to resolutory condition (Art. 1465)


A. Effect where price is simulated (Art. 147)

B. Meeting of minds as to price

IV. Formation/perfection of contract of sale (Art. 1475)

A. Option contract (Art. 1479)

B. Earnest money (Art. 1482)

C. Form of Sales (Art. 1483, 1874, 1581, 1403 [2, a, d, e])

V. Parties to a contract of sale (Art. 1327, 1489)

A. Sale between spouses (Art. 1490)

B. Special incapacity of public officers and employees (Art. 1491-92)

VI. Obligations of the seller

A. Transfer of ownership and delivery of the object

1. Constructive or legal delivery (Art. 1498-1501)

2. When obligation to deliver arises (Art. 1524)

3. Other rules on delivery:

(a) Sale of real property by unit of measure or number (Art. 1539-41)

(b) Sale of real estate made for a lump sum (Art. 1542)

(c) Rules in case of double sale (Art. 1544)

B. Warranties

1. Express warranty (Art. 1546)

2. Implied warranties (Art. 1547)

(a) warranty on seller’s title; liability in case of eviction (Art. 1548-1559)

(b) warranty against hidden defects of, or encumbrances upon the thing sold; vendor’s responsibility in case of breach (Art. 1560 –1561, 1566)

VII. Rights and obligations of the vendee

1. Rescission in case of sale of movable thing (Art. 1593)

VIII. Actions for breach of contract of sale of goods

A. Recto law (sale of movables on installments) (Art. 1484-86)

IX. Extinguishment of sale (Art. 1600)

1. Conventional redemption (Art. 1601 to 1616)

a. Equitable mortgage (Art. 1602-06)

2. Legal redemption; concept and instances (Art. 1619-1623)

X. Lease

1. Obligations of the lessor

2. Obligation of outgoing/incoming lessee or lessor (Art. 1683)