Executive Committee (The Core Group)

Tasks:                                  Address concerns not covered by the other committees

Chairperson:                    Atty. Kenneth S. Lim

Members:                          Atty. January Faith B. Santiago

                                          Atty. Marian Lucille D. Zulueta

                                          Atty. Nizza P. Lesterio

                                          Atty. Joseph Lester S. Patay

Fellowship & Sports Committee (The Fun Group)

Tasks:                                 Outing, sports fest, induction party, fellowship party, Christmas party

Chairperson:                    Atty. Olive Corrine N. Olvis

Members:                         Atty. Goldie Love Poculan

                                             Atty. Mary May Abello

                                             Atty. Kristine Mutia

                                             Atty. Caroline Ruiz-Bacho

                                             Atty. Edwin Prince I. Gonzales

Legal Aid Committee (The Help Group)

Tasks:                                 Bench and Bar Dialogue, jail visitations, legal aid mission, assign and handle pro bono cases

Chairpersons:                  Atty. Uldarico M. Mejorada II
                                             Atty. Alfred S. Casipong

Legal Education Committee (The Training Group)

Tasks:                                 Law week contests, host Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE), conduct conferences/seminars for
                                             lawyers and non-lawyers

Chairpersons:                  Atty. Nizza P. Lesterio

Membership Committee (The Care Group)

Tasks:                                 Collection of dues, wake visitation, address members concerns, recruit new members and transferees

Chairperson:                   Atty. Marian Lucille D. Zulueta

Publications & Public Affairs Committee (The Media Group)

Tasks:                                 Publish contents in our website, Facebook page, newspaper column, and host radio talk show

Chairperson:                   Atty. January Faith B. Santiago

Ways & Means Committee (The Finance Group)

Tasks:                                 Raise funds via fun run, derby, solicitation, merchandise selling, etc.

Chairperson:                   Atty. Diana Charlette G. Concha

Advisers:                         Atty. Helen Acoymo-Angeles
                                             Atty. Dan C. Santos
                                             Atty. Joseph Lester S. Patay