G.R. No. L-21289, 4 October 1971


Lau Yuen Yeung, an alien visiting the Philippines, whose authorized stay in the Philippines was to expire, claims her to be lawfully naturalized upon her marriage to a Filipino citizen. Solicitor General opposes the ground that the marriage of the alien to a Filipino citizen does not automatically confer on the latter Philippine citizenship. Plaintiff-appellant does not possess all the qualifications required for applicant for naturalization (CA 473), even she has proven that she possesses none of the disqualifications in said law.


Whether or not Lau Yuen Yeung became ipso facto a Filipino citizen upon her marriage to a Filipino citizen.


Yes. An alien woman, upon her marriage to a Filipino citizen, becomes lawfully naturalized ipso facto, provided that she does not possess all of the disqualifications enumerated in CA 473. (Sections 15 and 4).

* Case digest by Marife G. Guige, LLB-1, Andres Bonifacio Law School, SY 2017-2018