Milagros Manongsong v. Felomena Jumaquio Estimo

G.R. No. 136773, 25 June 2003, 685 SCRA 209 FACTS: Allegedly, Agatona Guevarra (“Guevarra”) inherited a property from Justina Navarro, which is now under possession of the heirs of Guevarra. Guevarra had six children, one of them is Vicente Lopez, the father of petitioner Milagros Lopez Manongsong (“Manongsong”). The respondents, the Jumaquio sisters and Leoncia [...]

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Azuela v. CA

G.R. No. 122880, 12 April 2006, 487 SCRA 119 FACTS: Petitioner Felix Azuela sought to admit to probate the notarial will of Eugenia E. Igsolo. However, this was opposed by Geralda Castillo, who was the attorney-in-fact of “the 12 legitimate heirs” of the decedent. According to her, the will was forged, and imbued with several [...]

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Suroza v. Honrado

A.M. No. 2026-CFI, 19 December 1981, 110 SCRA 388 FACTS: In 1973, Marcelina Suroza supposedly executed a notarial will bequeathing her house and lot to a certain Marilyn Suroza. In 1974, Marcelina died. Marina Paje was named as the executrix in the said will and she petitioned before CFI Rizal that the will be admitted [...]

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Vizconde v. CA

G.R. No. 118449, 11 February 1998, 286 SCRA 217 FACTS: Spouses Rafael and Salud Nicolas have five children, namely: Estrellita Nicolas-Vizconde (wife of herein petitioner LauroVizconde); Antonio Nicolas; Ramon Nicolas; Teresita Nicolas de Leon; and Ricardo Nicolas, an incompetent. On June 30, 1991, Estrellita and her two daughters were killed. In an Extra-Judicial Settlement of [...]

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Union Bank v. Santibañez

G.R. No. 149926, 23 February 2005, 452 SCRA 228 FACTS: On May 31, 1980, the First Countryside Credit Corporation (FCCC) and Efraim Santibañez entered into a loan agreement in the amount of P128,000.00. The amount was intended for the payment of one (1) unit Ford 6600 Agricultural Tractor. In view thereof, Efraim and his son, [...]

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Rivera v. People’s Bank

G.R. No. L-47757, 7 April 1942, 73 Phil. 546 FACTS: Ana Rivera was employed by Edgar Stephenson as housekeeper from the year 1920 until his death on June 8, 1939. On December 24, Stephenson opened an account in his name with the defendant Peoples Bank by depositing therein the sum of P1,000. On October 17, [...]

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Macam v. Gatmaitan

G.R. No. L-42619, 11 March 1937, 64 Phil. 187 FACTS: A will was presented for probate, and no objection was presented. After the judgment had become final and executor, a codicil made after the execution of the will was presented for probate. ISSUE: May the codicil be still probated? RULING: Yes, since the codicil may [...]

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Vitug v. CA

G.R. No. 82027, 29 March 1990, 183 SCRA 755 FACTS: Romarico Vitug and Nenita Alonte were co-administrators of Dolores Vitug’s estate. Rowena Corona was the executrix. Romarico, the deceased’s husband, filed a motion with the probate court asking for authority to sell certain shares of stock and real properties belonging to the estate to cover [...]

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Bacayo v. Borromeo

G.R. No. L-19382, 31 August 1965, 145 SCRA 986 FACTS: Melodia Ferraris was declared presumptively dead for purposes of opening her succession and distributing her estate among her heirs. She left properties in Cebu City, consisting of one-third share in the estate of her aunt, Rosa Ferraris, valued at P6,000.00, more or less. The deceased [...]

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Manuel v. Ferrer

G.R. No. 117246, 21 August 1995, 247 SCRA 476 FACTS: The petitioners in this case were the legitimate children of spouses Antonio Manuel and Beatriz Guiling. During his marriage with Beatriz, Antonio had an extra-marital affair with Ursula Bautista, from which Juan Manuel was born. Juan Manuel, the illegitimate son of Antonio, married Esperanza Gamba. [...]

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