Sps. Joaquin v. CA

G.R. No. 126376, 20 November 2003, 416 SCRA 263 FACTS: Defendant spouses Leonardo Joaquin and Feliciana Landrito are the parents of plaintiffs Consolacion, Nora, Emma and Natividad as well as of defendants Fidel, Tomas, Artemio, Clarita, Felicitas, Fe, and Gavino, all surnamed JOAQUIN. The married Joaquin children are joined in this action by their respective [...]

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Alfonso v. Andres

G.R. No. 166236, 29 July 2010, 626 SCRA 149 FACTS: Spouses Henry and Liwanag Andres filed a complaint for accion publiciana with damages against Noli Alfonso and spouses Reynaldo and Erlinda Fundialan on the ground that Jose sold the lot in question without publication of the extrajudicial settlement. ISSUE: Whether or not the publication of [...]

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Eastern Shipping Lines v. Intermediate Appellate Court

G.R. No. L-69044, 29 May 1987, 150 SCRA 464 FACTS: The M/S ASIATICA, a vessel operated by petitioner Eastern Shipping Lines, Inc., (referred to hereinafter as Petitioner Carrier) loaded at Kobe, Japan for transportation to Manila, 5,000 pieces of calorized lance pipes in 28 packages consigned to Philippine Blooming Mills Co., Inc., and 7 cases [...]

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Bank of the Phil. Islands v. Posadas

FACTS: The estate of Adolphe Oscar Schuetze is the sole beneficiary named in the life-insurance policy for $10,000, issued by the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. During the following five years the insured paid the premiums at the Manila branch of the company. The deceased Adolphe Oscar Schuetze married the plaintiff-appellant Rosario Gelano. The [...]

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