China Banking v. CA

G.R. No. 129644, 7 March 2000 FACTS: In connection with a civil case filed by Metropolitan Bank against Alfonso Roxas Chua, a notice of levy affecting the residential land of Alfonso and his wife was issued. Meanwhile, in 1985, the trial court rendered another decision in favor of China Banking Corporation against Alfonso in a [...]

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Quinto v. People

G.R. No. 126712, 14 April 1999 FACTS: Quinto was convicted of the crime estafa, the case started when Quinto asked Cariaga to allow her to have the jewelries for some prospective buyer. They made an agreement that after 5 days if Quinto have not sell the jewelries it will be return to the owner. After [...]

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Soco v. Militante

G.R. No. L-58961, 28 June 1983 FACTS: Soco and Francisco entered into a contract of lease whereby Soco leased her commercial building and lot to Francisco for a monthly rental of P 800.00 for a period of 10 years renewable for another 10 years at the option of the lessee. Francisco noticed that Soco did [...]

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Deiparine vs. CA and Trinidad

GR. No. 96643, April 23, 1993 FACTS: Spouses Carungay entered into a contract with Deiparine for the construction of a 3-story dormitory in Cebu. Carungay agreed to pay Php970,000 inclusive of contractor’s fee, and Deiparine bound himself to erect the building “in strict accordance to plans and specifications.” Trinidad, a civil engineer, was designated as [...]

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Ayson-Simon v. Adamos

G.R. No. L-39378, August 28, 1984, 131 SCRA 439 FACTS: On December 13, 1943, Nicolas Adamos and Vicente Feria, defendants-appellants herein, purchased two lots forming part of the Piedad Estate in Quezon City. The successors-in-interest of the latter filed Civil Case No. 174 in the then Court of First Instance of Quezon City for annulment [...]

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Palay, Inc. vs. Clave

G.R. No. L-56076, September 21, 1983, 124 SCRA 7 FACTS: On March 28, 1965, petitioner Palay, Inc., through its President, Albert Onstott executed in favor of private respondent, Nazario Dumpit, a Contract to Sell a parcel of Land owned by said corporation. The contract expressly provided for automatic extrajudicial rescission upon default in payment of [...]

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Iringan v. Court of Appeals

G.R. No. 129107, September 26, 2001, 366 SCRA 41 FACTS: Private respondent Antonio Palao sold to petitioner Alfonso Iringan, an undivided portion of Lot No. 992 of the Tuguegarao Cadastre, located at the Poblacion of Tuguegarao and covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. T-5790. The parties executed a Deed of Sale] on the same [...]

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Angeles v. Calasanz

G.R. No. L-42283, March 18, 1985, 135 SCRA 323 FACTS: Ursula and Tomas Calasanz sold a piece of land to Buenaventura Angeles and Teofila Juani covered by a contract to sell. Angeles paid a down payment upon the execution of the contract and started paying the balance in monthly installments for nine years with only [...]

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