Republic v. Cagandahan

G.R. No. 166676, 12 September 2008 FACTS: On December 11, 2003, respondent filed a Petition for Correction of Entries in Birth Certificate before the RTC, Branch 33 of Siniloan, Laguna. She alleged that she was born on January 13, 1981, registered as a female in the Certificate of Live Birth but while growing up developed [...]

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Silverio v. Republic

G.R. No. 174689, 22 October 2007 FACTS: Petitioner was born and registered as male. He admitted that he is a male transsexual, that is, “anatomically male but feels, thinks and acts as a “female” and that he had always identified himself with girls since childhood. He underwent psychological examination, hormone treatment, breast augmentation and sex [...]

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Final Report on the Judicial Audit Conducted at the Regional Trial Court Branch 67, Paniqui,Tarlac

A.M. No. 06-7-414-RTC,19 October 2007 FACTS: This administrative matter arose from the judicial audit and physical inventory of cases conducted on 20-24 June 2005 at the Regional Trial Court (RTC) of Paniqui, Tarlac, Branch 67, then presided by Judge Cesar M. Sotero who compulsorily retired on 23 February 2006. The Audit Team recommended in its [...]

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Republic v. Valencia

G.R. No. L-32181,5 March 1986 FACTS: Court of First Instance of Cebu a petition for the cancellation and/or correction of entries of birth of Bernardo Go and Jessica Go in the Civil Registry of the City of Cebu. The case was docketed as Special Proceedings No. 3043-R. The Solicitor General filed an opposition to the [...]

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Valino v. Adriano

G.R. No. 182894, 22 April 2014 FACTS: Atty. Adriano Adriano (Atty. Adriano), a partner in the Pelaez Adriano and Gregorio Law Office, married respondent Rosario Adriano (Rosario) on November 15, 1955. The couple had two (2) sons, three (3) daughters, and one (1) adopted daughter, Leah Antonette. The marriage of Atty. Adriano and Rosario, however, [...]

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Remo v. Secretary of Foreign Affairs

G.R. No. 169202, 5 March 2010 FACTS: Maria Virginia V. Remo (Remo) is a Filipino citizen, married to Francisco R. Rallonza. Her Philippine passport, which was to expire on 27 October 2000, showed “Rallonza” as her surname, “Maria Virginia” as her given name, and “Remo” as her middle name. While her marriage was still subsisting, [...]

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Llaneta v. Agrava

G.R. No. L-32054, 15 May 1974 FACTS: Atanacia Llaneta was married with Serafin Ferrer whom she had a child named Victoriano Ferrer. Serafin died and about four years later Atanacia had a relationship with another man out of which Teresita Llaneta, herein petitioner, was born. All of them lived with Serafin’s mother in Manila. Teresita [...]

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Laperal v. Republic

GR No. 18008, 30 October 1962 FACTS: In 1958, petitioner Elisea L. Santamaria was decreed legally separated from her husband Enrique R. Santamaria. In 1960, she filed a petition to be allowed to change her name and/or be permitted to resume using her maiden name EliseaLaperal. The City Attorney of Baguio opposed the petition on [...]

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Libi v. Intermediate Appellate Court

G.R. No. 70890,18 September 1992 FACTS: Julie Ann Gotiong and Wendell Libi were sweethearts until the former broke up with the latter after she found out the Wendell were irresponsible and sadistic. Wendell wanted reconciliation but was not granted by Julie so it prompted him to resort to threats. One day, they were found dead [...]

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Eslao v. Court of Appeals and Cordero

G.R. No. 116773, 16 January 1997 FACTS: When Reynaldo Eslao died,Maria Paz's husband, she entrusted care and custody of her youngest child Angelica to her grieving mother-in-law stating that she needed the company of the child to at least compensate for the loss of her late son. She then returned to her mother's house with [...]

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