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Taylor v. Uy Tieng Piao

43 Phil. 873 (1922) FACTS: On December 12, 1918, the plaintiff contracted his services to Tan Liuan and Co., as superintendent of an oil factory which the latter contemplated establishing in this city. The period of the contract extended over two years from the date mentioned; and the salary was to be at the rate [...]

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Hermosa v. Longara

93 Phil. 971 (1953) FACTS: Three kinds of claims received after the death of the intestate in December 1944. The claimant presented evidence and the Court of Appeals found that the intestate has asked for the said credit advances for himself and for the members of his family “on condition that their payment should be [...]

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Osmeña vs Rama

GR No. 4437 – September 9, 1909 FACTS: Petitioner – defendant (Rama) obtained a series of loans from respondent – plaintiff (Osmena), with which petitioner pledged her sugar harvest, present and future properties including her house. Sometime after the execution and delivery of the loans, respondent died. Plaintiff was succeeded by his heir who filed [...]

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Lao Lim vs. CA

G.R. No. 87047, October 31, 1990 FACTS: Private respondent entered into a contract of lease with petitioner for a period of three (3) years, that is, from 1976 to 1979. After the stipulated term expired, private respondent refused to vacate the premises, hence, petitioner filed an ejectment suit against the former in the City Court [...]

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Quijada v. CA

G.R. No. 126444, December 4, 1998 FACTS: Plaintiffs-appellees (petitioners) are the children of the late Trinidad Corvera Vda. de Quijada. Trinidad was one of the heirs of the late Pedro Corvera and inherited from the latter the two-hectare parcel of land. Trinidad Quijada together with her sisters Leonila Corvera Vda. de Sequea and Paz Corvera [...]

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Central Philippine University v. CA

G.R. No. 112127, July 17, 1995, 246 SCRA 511 FACTS: In 1939, Don Ramon Lopez Sr. executed a deed of donation in favor of CPU together with the following conditions: 1.) The land should be utilized by CPU exclusively for the establishment & use of medical college; 2.)The said college shall not sell transfer or [...]

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Gonzales vs. Heirs of Thomas

314 SCRA 585 (1999) FACTS: On December 1, 1983, Paula Ao Cruz together with the plaintiffs heirs of Thomas and Paula Cruz, entered into a Contract of Lease/Purchase with the defendant, Felix L. Gonzales, a certain parcel of land. The defendant Gonzales paid the annual rental on the half-portion of the property covered by Transfer [...]

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Gaite v. Fonacier

G.R. No. L-11827, July 31, 1961, 2 SCRA 830 FACTS: Gaite was appointed by Fonacier as attorney-in-fact to contract any party for the exploration and development of mining claims. Gaite executed a deed of assignment in favor of a single proprietorship owned by him. For some reasons, Fonacier revoked the agency, which was acceded to [...]

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HSBC v. Spouses Broqueza

G.R. No. 178610, November 17, 2010 FACTS: Petitioners Gerong and Broqueza are employees of Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). They are also members of respondent Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation, Ltd. Staff Retirement Plan. In October 1990, petitioner Broqueza obtained a car loan in the amount of Php 175,000.00. In December 1991, she again applied [...]

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