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In re Lim

G.R. No. 168992-93, 21 May 2009 FACTS: Monina Lim, petitioner, who was an optometrist was married with Primo Lim but were childless. Minor children, were entrusted to them by Lucia, whose parents were unknown as shown by a certification of DSWD. The spouses registered the children making it appears as if they were the parents. [...]

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Landingin v. Republic

G.R. No. 164948,27 June 2006 FACTS: Diwata Ramos Landingin, a citizen of the United States of America (USA), of Filipino parentage and a resident of Guam, USA, filed a petition for the adoption of minors Elaine Dizon Ramos, Elma Dizon Ramos and Eugene Dizon Ramos who was born on. The minors are the natural children [...]

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Tamargo v. Court of Appeals

GR. NO. 85044, 3 June 1992 FACTS: In October 1982, AdelbertoBundoc, minor, 10 years of age, shot Jennifer Tamargo with an air rifle causing injuries that resulted in her death. The petitioners, natural parents of Tamargo, filed a complaint for damages against the natural parents of Adelberto with whom he was living the time of [...]

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Republic v. Court of Appeals and Bobiles

G.R. No. 92326, 24 January 1992 FACTS: Zenaida Corteza Bobiles filed a petition to adopt Jason Condat, then six (6) years old and who had been living with her family since he was four (4) months old. Salvador Condat, father of the child, and the social worker assigned was served with copies of the order [...]

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Teotico v. Del Val

GR No. L18753, 26 March 1965 FACTS: Maria Mortera died on July 1955 leaving properties worth P600,000. She executed a will written in Spanish, affixed her signature and acknowledged before Notary Public by her and the witnesses. Among the legacies made in the will was the P20,000 for Rene Teotico who was married to the [...]

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Angeles v. Tabiliran

AM No. MTJ-92-716, 25 October 1995 FACTS: Ma. Blyth Abadilla, a Clerk of Court, filed a complaint against Judge Tabiliran on the grounds of gross immorality, deceitful conduct, and corruption unbecoming of a judge. With respect to the charge on gross immorality, she contended that the judge scandalously and publicly cohabited with Priscilla Baybayan during [...]

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Grande v. Antonio

GR. No. 206248, 18 February 2004 FACTS: Respondent [the father] filed a petition for judicial approval of recognition of the filiation of the two children with the prayer for the correction or change of the surname of the minors from Grande to Antonio when a public document acknowledged before a notary public under Sec. 19, [...]

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Marquino v. Intermediate Appellate Court

G.R. No. 72078, 27 June 1994 FACTS: Respondent Bibiana filed action for Judicial Declaration of Filiation, Annulment of Partition, Support and Damages against Eutiquio. Bibiana was born on December 1926 allegedly of Eutiquio and in that time was single. It was alleged that the Marquino family personally knew her since she was hired as domestic [...]

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Conde v. Abaya

G.R. No. L-4275, 23 March 1909 FACTS: Casiano Abaya, unmarried, the son of Romualdo Abaya and Sabina Labadia died on the 1899. Paula Conde, as the mother of the natural children Jose and Teopista Conde, whom she states she had by Casiano Abaya moved the settlement of the intestate succession. An administrator has been appointed [...]

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Estate of Rogelio Ong v. Diaz

G.R. No. 171713, 17 December 2007 FACTS: Minor Diaz filed a complaint before the Regional Trial Court for compulsory recognition with prayer for support against Rogelio Ong, she was represented by her mother Jinky. Before the case, Jinky married a certain Hasegawa Katsuo, Japanese. That same year, Jinky met Rogelio, they fell in love. The [...]

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