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Laperal v. Republic

GR No. 18008, 30 October 1962 FACTS: In 1958, petitioner Elisea L. Santamaria was decreed legally separated from her husband Enrique R. Santamaria. In 1960, she filed a petition to be allowed to change her name and/or be permitted to resume using her maiden name EliseaLaperal. The City Attorney of Baguio opposed the petition on [...]

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Libi v. Intermediate Appellate Court

G.R. No. 70890,18 September 1992 FACTS: Julie Ann Gotiong and Wendell Libi were sweethearts until the former broke up with the latter after she found out the Wendell were irresponsible and sadistic. Wendell wanted reconciliation but was not granted by Julie so it prompted him to resort to threats. One day, they were found dead [...]

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Eslao v. Court of Appeals and Cordero

G.R. No. 116773, 16 January 1997 FACTS: When Reynaldo Eslao died,Maria Paz's husband, she entrusted care and custody of her youngest child Angelica to her grieving mother-in-law stating that she needed the company of the child to at least compensate for the loss of her late son. She then returned to her mother's house with [...]

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David . Court of Appeals v. Villar

G.R. No. 111180, 16 November 1995 FACTS: Petitioner Daisie T. David worked as secretary of private respondent Ramon R. Villar, a businessman in Angeles City. Private respondent is a married man and the father of four children, all grown-up. After a while, the relationship between petitioner and private respondent developed into an intimate one, as [...]

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Silva v. Court of Appeals

G.R. No. 114742, 17 July 1997 FACTS: Carlitos E. Silva, a married businessman, and Suzanne T. Gonzales, an unmarried local actress, cohabited without the benefit of marriage. The union saw the birth of two children: Ramon Carlos and Rica Natalia. Not very long after, a rift in their relationship surfaced. It began, according to Silva, [...]

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St. Mary’s Academy v. Carpitanos

GR No. 143363, 6 February 2002 FACTS: Herein petitioner conducted an enrollment drive for the school year 1995-1996 They visited schools from where prospective enrollees were studying. Sherwin Carpitanos joined the campaign. Along with the other high school students, they rode a Mitsubishi jeep owned by Vivencio Villanueva on their way to Larayan Elementary School. [...]

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Ylarde v. Aquino

GR No. L33722, 29 July 1988 FACTS: Private respondent Mariano Soriano was the principal of the Gabaldon Primary School in Pangasinan. Defendant Edgardo Aquino was a teacher therein. During that time, the school had several concrete blocks which were remnants of the old school shop destroyed in World War II. Defendant decided to help clear [...]

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Amadora v. Court of Appeals

G.R. No. L-47745, 15 April 1988 FACTS: Alfredo Amadora, while in the auditorium of the school, was mortally hit by a gun by PablitoDaffon resulting to the former’s death. Daffon was convicted of homicide through reckless imprudence. The victim’s parents, herein petitioners, filed a civil action for damages against Colegio de San Jose-Recoletos, its rectors, [...]

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Espiritu v. Court of Appeals

G.R. No. 115640, 15 March 1995 FACTS: Reynaldo Espiritu and Teresita Masanding began to maintain a common law relationship of husband while in US. Teresita works as a nurse while Reynaldo was sent by his empolyer, National Steel Corporation, to Pittsburgh for a temporary post. They begot a child in 1986 named Rosalind. After a [...]

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Salientes v. Abanilla

G.R. No. 162734, 29 August 2006 FACTS: Private respondent Loran S.D. Abanilla and petitioner Marie Antonette Abigail C. Salientes are the parents of the minor Lorenzo Emmanuel S. Abanilla. They lived with Marie Antonette's parents, petitioners Orlando B. Salientes and Rosario C. Salientes. Due to in-laws problems, private respondent suggested to his wife that they [...]

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