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Armas v. Calisterio

G.R. No. 136467, 6 April 2000, 330 SCRA 201 FACTS: On April 1992, Teodorico died intestate leaving parcel of land with an estimated value of P 604,750 Teodorico was survived by his wife respondent Marietta Calisterio. Teodorico was second husband of Marietta who had previously been married to James William Bounds on 13 January 1946 [...]

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Santillon v. Miranda

G.R. No. L-19281, 30 June 1965, 14 SCRA 563 FACTS: Pedro Santillon died without testament, leaving one son, Claro, and his wife, Perfecta Miranda. Claro Santillon filed a petition for letters of administration. Opposition to said petition was entered by the widow Perfecta Miranda and the spouses Benito U. Miranda and Rosario Corrales on the [...]

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Sayson v. CA

G.R.No. 892224-25, 23 January 1992, 205 SCRA 321 FACTS: Eleno and Rafaela Sayson begot 5 children: Mauricio, Rosario, Basilisa, Remedios and Teodoro. Teodoro married Isabel. Upon the death of Teodoro and Isabel, their properties were in the possession of Delia, Edmundo and Doribel, their children. The plaintiffs filed for partition of the intestate estate of [...]

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Teotico v. Del Val

G.R. No. L-18753, 26 March 1965, 13 SCRA 406 FACTS: Maria Mortera y Balsalobre Vda. de Aguirre died on July 14, 1955 in the City of Manila with no ascendants or descendants. She left properties worth P600, 000.00 and a will written in Spanish which she executed at her residence at No. 2 Legarda St., [...]

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Corpus v. Corpus

G.R. No. L-22469, 23 October 1978, 85 SCRA 567 FACTS: In 1939, Teodoro R. Yangco, who had no forced heirs, died in Manila at the age of 75. His will dated August 29, 1934 was probated in the Court of First Instance of Manila and the decree of probate was then affirmed. At the time [...]

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Philippine Commercial and Industrial Bank v. Escolin

G.R. Nos. L-27936 and L-27937, 29 March 1974, 56 SCRA 266 FACTS: Linnie Jane Hodges, an American citizen from Texas, made a will in 1952. Unfortunately, she passed away in 1957 while she was domiciled in Iloilo City. In her will, she left all her estate in favor of her husband, Charles Newton Hodges. Linnie, [...]

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Palacios v. Ramirez

G.R. No. L-27952, 15 February 1982, 111 SCRA 704 FACTS: Jose Eugenio Ramirez, a Filipino national, died in Spain on December 11, 1964, with only his widow as compulsory heir. His will was admitted to probate by the Court of First Instance of Manila, Branch X, on July 27, 1965. Maria Luisa Palacios was appointed [...]

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Codoy v. Calugay

G.R. No. 123486, 12 August 1999, 312 SCRA 333 FACTS: Evangeline Calugay, Josephine Salcedo and Eufemia Patigas, devisees and legatees of the holographic will of the deceased Matilde Seño Vda. de Ramonal, filed a petition for probate of the holographic will of the deceased. In the petition, respondents claimed that the deceased was of sound [...]

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Azaola v. Singson

G.R. No. L-14003, 5 August 1960, 109:10 FACTS: When Fortunata S. Vda de Yance died on September 9, 1957 at Quezon City, Francisco Azaola filed a petition for the probate of the former’s holographic will, whereby Maria Milagros Azaola was made the sole heir as against the nephew of the deceased Cesario Singson. Francisco witnessed [...]

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